Sometimes the key is to just start. Welcome to my blog. A few pieces about me: I am 41, a woman (ish? I’m queer and it’s complicated), and just this week started an internship at Matrix Foundation, sponsored by Outreachy. I am a career-changer, I went back to school in my mid-30s to get a CS degree and have been slowly trying to work my way into the tech field ever since.

Here at the end of the first week of the internship, some observations:

  1. It may be true that I know more than I think I know
  2. It’s really important to ask questions, difficult as it is
  3. Programming in a production environment is more like being a bike mechanic/builder (both prior occupations of mine) than I expected (more on that later)

Over the course of this internship, I hope to become a better programmer. One aspect of that is trying to learn what makes a “good” programmer, which I think is a harder question to answer than it might seem.